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QAM thanks Ray Broome for the donation of his Broome LeBeau floatplane.
To mark QAM's 40th anniversary, this new page shows where QAM has been located over the years. It also emphasises why QAM is committed to Caloundra.
Added a new page on the 1983 TAA Extortion which involved QAM's Canberra A84-225. Thanks to Robert Eddy for this contribution.
Added a new research paper, The Bristol Scout and the S.E.-5a by QAM member, Don Cameron.
Added a new research paper, Henri Mignet and the Flying Fleas by QAM member, Don Cameron.
QAM Iroquois helicopter A2-310 has finally arrived at Caloundra. QAM thanks Peter Graves for funding the purchase of this aircraft.
QAM has purchased Avions Max Holste MH.1521M Broussard VH-HFA.
QAM expresses thanks to Barry Evans for the donation of Lea Kestrel Kermit 10-001.
QAM expresses thanks to Vince Everett for the donation of ICA-Brasov IS-29D sailplane VH-GWC.
QAM expresses thanks to Bob Keys for the donation of Beech E18S N3781B.
QAM expresses thanks to Greg Ackman for the donation of Piper Tomahawk VH-SCK.
QAM expresses thanks to Tadgell Aviation Services for the donation of the cabin section of Robinson R44 VH-RMN.
QAM's Patron, Allan Vial, DFC, OAM, OPR (Pol) celebrated his 90th birthday in June this year and felt that this was an appropriate time for him to retire as Patron. Accordingly, the search for a successor began and we are proud to announce that Air Marshal Geoff Shepherd, AO (retd) has agreed to be our new Patron. Geoff's credentials are outstanding. As a former Chief of Air Force, F-111 pilot and Sunshine Coast resident, Geoff is uniquely qualified and we are greatly honoured to have him as our new Patron. We extend our sincerest thanks to Allan Vial for his guidance and generosity over many years and we look forward to his continued involvement as a Life Member of QAM. Click the arrow button for a new page on QAM's Patrons past and present.
QAM expresses thanks to AeroPearl Aviation for their donation of Beech 200 Super King Air VH-FII which was trucked from Brisbane to Caloundra on 25SEP13.
QAM has gratefully received an aeroplane which has been part of the Caloundra aviation scene for twenty years. Following the recent death of Graham Schott, President of the Caloundra Aero Club, his family has fulfilled Graham's wish to donate his KR-2 VH-XXS to QAM.
QAM has received Sud/Aerospatiale Lama helicopter PK-ZHB as a donation from Pacific Helicopters of Goroka, PNG.
The F-111 has arrived and is now on display. Click the arrow for a gallery of images.
QAM has taken delivery of a Bristol Bloodhound surface-to-air missile.
It has emerged that QAM's Caribou A4-173 participated in relief operations after Darwin was devastated by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day 1974.
QAM's offer for a Bell UH-1H Iroquois has been successful. QAM expects to take delivery of A2-310 early in the new year.
QAM's seven year campaign to display an F-111 has been successful. F-111C A8-129 is expected to be delivered to Caloundra in early 2013. The history of the aeroplane and numerous images are now on the website.
Added a photo of the newly restored Lake Buccaneer VH-EJX.
Added a photo of the newly restored Cessna 336 VH-CMY.
Added 11 new images of QAM's DC-3 VH-ANR in service with Airlines of NSW. Thanks to Bill Bray who flew the aircraft with Airlines of NSW. Images 25 to 35 refer.
QAM has been chosen to host a major research project on Aviation in the Aftermath of Cyclone Tracy at Darwin in December 1974.
It is amazing to reflect that the restoration of QAM's Lockheed Ventura has already occupied more than twenty years! The fading paint and the apparently slow progress on the exterior belies a tremendous amount of work going on inside the aeroplane. It must be remembered that this aircraft was converted to a farm shed after the war and when QAM acquired the fuselage it was totally bare inside. Thanks to restorer and photographer Ron Hasenbosch we have added several images of the interior.
Added another excellent research paper by QAM member Don Cameron. Don's latest effort is titled The Output of Luigi Pellarini - An Innovative Aircraft Designer. Pellarini is perhaps best remembered for having designed the Transavia Airtruk, an example of which is about to join the QAM collection.
For our younger visitors, QAM has created "Herbie the Helicopter"
QAM has acquired a pair of EDO floats. Can you positively identify them?
Kawasaki 47G3B-KH4 helicopter VH-AHQ has been restored and placed on display.
Mr Stephen Rose has donated to QAM an aluminium suitcase into which he and his mother packed their worldly goods when they migrated to Australia in 1948. Not for them an ocean liner or even a modern airliner of the time. They travelled on the delivery flight of Lockheed Lodestar G-AGBU. Read the remarkable story.
In February 2011, QAM was visited by Major Ruben Donkervoort, an F-16 pilot with the Royal Netherland Air Force. Here is his story of how an incident involving the QAM DC-3 helped to shape his flying career.
QAM thanks Esperance Helitours for donating a Kawasaki 47G3B-KH4 helicopter VH-HFZ.
A ceremony was held at the Museum to dedicate the Wirraway to the memory of John Villiers.
Added a page on Smithy's Ukulele.
The QAM Flood Appeal weekend held on 5/6 February resulted in a donation of $404.00 to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
Added an image of QAM's Viscount VH-TVJ at Essendon in 1958. Thanks to John R Sweetten and his son Peter.
QAM's Wirraway has arrived and the aircraft is now on display.
QAM is acquiring a CAC Wirraway courtesy of a most generous grant from The John Villiers Trust.
The Lim-2 has arrived at Caloundra.
On 3 November, the Sunshine Coast Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association placed a plaque near the nosewheel of Caribou A4-173.
On 30 October, a new exhibit was dedicated to the memory of the passengers and crew of the BCPA DC-6 airliner Resolution which crashed on approach to San Francisco on 29 October 1953. The British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines and DC-6 VH-BPE Resolution Memorial Cabinet also includes many items of BCPA memorabilia as well as small pieces of wreckage from the Resolution.
Added a new page on plaques and other dedicated memorials at QAM.
In an open letter to the Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper, the QAM President has thanked everyone who assisted in the fight to have the Museum remain on Caloundra Airport.
QAM has presented certificates of thanks to several local citizens who fought to have QAM remain on its current site if the airport were to close.
QAM thanks Tadgell Aviation Services for donating a Kawasaki 47G3B-KH4 helicopter VH-AHQ.
Added a wonderful photograph of QAM's DC-3 VH-ANR Oana landing at Cambridge Airport, Hobart in the fifties. Thanks to Ben Dannecker.
"Then and Now" - this new page is a compilation of some of the more dramatic transformations involving QAM aircraft in recent years at the hands of our dedicated volunteers.
QAM's Caribou has been fitted with one of its engines.
QAM's Lockheed Ventura has been fitted with one of its engines.
QAM now has a Facebook page. (This link will open the Facebook page in a new window).
Added an image of QAM's Metroliner in Air Albatross livery as ZK-SWC thanks to Peter Lewis in New Zealand.
It was announced in the Queensland Parliament on 2 September 2010 that Caloundra Airport would remain open and not be relocated. See the full Hansard extract on the QAM Home Page.
Added an aerial photograph of Caloundra Aerodrome taken on 3 October 1974, twelve years before QAM relocated from Brisbane.
A highlight of Open Cockpit Weekend 2010 was a series of live engine runs by a Pratt & Whitney R-2000.
QAM has acquired a Polish-built version of the Russian MiG-15UTI two-seat jet trainer. The aircraft will be delivered to Caloundra in the latter half of 2010.
QAM has experienced another of those "what museums are all about" moments. On ANZAC Day we were honoured with the presence of Walter Seidel who was on holiday from the United States. Walter's previous visit to Australia was in 1943 when he was a Lieutenant in the USAAF attached to General Douglas MacArthur's GHQ. During this time, Walter flew QAM's DC-3 which was then with MacArthur's GHQ as VHCXE.
QAM member John Stitt has published a research paper on the history of Maroochydore Aerodrome - Aerodrome Road. The paper can be downloaded as a PDF.
QAM has acquired the nose section of Caribou A4-159 as a source of parts for A4-173 and eventual restoration as a stand-alone exhibit.
Added an image of Piper Pawnee ZK-CEL at Wanganui in 1966 thanks to Peter Garlick.
Added two images of Cessna 336 VH-CMY thanks to Dave Eyre.
Added two images of Piper Pawnee ZK-CEL at Hawera in 1984 thanks to Deane Baunton.
QAM has acquired the unique swing-tail Cessna 336 VH-CMY.
Wackett-Cropmaster VH-AJH is now complete and on display.
Piper Pawnee ZK-CEL is now complete and on display.
After many years in open storage, Nomad VH-BFH is receiving some attention.
Added a recent image showing progress with the restoration of Drover VH-FDS. The aircraft now has wings attached and it is standing on its own undercarriage.
Added a recent image showing progress with the restoration of Drover VH-FDR.
Added a recent image showing progress with the restoration of Caribou A4-173.
Added a recent image showing progress with the restoration of Drover VH-FDR. For many years, the fuselage of this aircraft has been displayed as an RFDS diorama. More recently, the aircraft has been fitted with its original fin and rudder as well as a centre engine.
Added a recent image showing progress with the restoration of the Wackett-Cropmaster.
Added a recent image showing progress with the restoration of the Piper Pawnee.
Added a series of aerial photographs of the QAM site taken in 1988, 2004 and 2009.
QAM is now offering its facilities to professional photographers and advertising agencies for photoshoots.
Added a site plan showing the location of exhibits.
Added a tribute to George Roberts OAM who passed away on 24 August 2009 aged 99.
Added a page on the DCA Command Post.
Added a page on the Qantas Hastings Deering stairs.
Added a page on the Qantas Clarktor tug.
Added more detail on QAM's acquisition of the IMA Towed Target. Also added one image.
The page for the Sea Vixen cockpit mobile display now includes a diary of all the events visited.
A Pterodactyl Ascender ultralight has been donated by Mr J. C. Carr to whom QAM records its thanks.
The restoration of Heron VH-KAM is progressing.
The restoration of Flying Doctor Drover VH-FDS is progressing.
Restoration of Wackett VH-AJH is nearing completion.
James Willcocks in the UK has kindly supplied a colour photograph of QAM's Meteor TT20 WD647 at Exeter in 1968.
James Oglethorpe, Webmaster of 3 Squadron RAAF Association, has kindly provided two rare photographs of QAM's DC-3 at Lydda, Palestine in mid 1941. The aircraft is depicted wearing the registration PK-ALW with KLM titles and red, white and blue nationality stripes. The photos were taken by Harry Clare who was ground crew with 3 Squadron at the time.

Michael Butcher, a recent visitor to QAM, has provided this wonderful image of QAM's Caribou A4-173 at Can Tho, Vietnam during 1968-69. Thank you Michael.
Added a report on QAM's very successful Open Cockpit Weekend. The report includes a list of raffle and competition winners.
QAM member, Don Cameron, has published a twelve page paper titled The Calair Skyfox - Origin, Derivatives and Production Lists. It is a most appropriate research subject for QAM as the Skyfox was built at Caloundra Airport where QAM is based. The paper can be downloaded as a PDF.
QAM has acquired a very rare Djinn helicopter which was once operated by ANSETT-ANA.
QAM has acquired a composite Calair Skyfox airframe which has been donated by the Skyfox Flying School.
Added a rare colour image of QAM's DC-3 VH-ANR in Butler Air Transport livery at Mascot c.1958.
QAM's Beagle 206S now carries its original Australian registration VH-UNL. The aircraft was unveiled by QAM's Patron, Allan Vial, at a ceremony at the Museum on 18 April.
Added three new images of Hunter XE614 in Aden thanks to Ray Deacon.
Added a new page on an Antonov An-12 cockpit door held by QAM.
Added a new page on QAM's facilities for professional photographers and film-makers.
There have been significant additions to the QAM website:
The history of DC-3 VH-ANR which was previously hosted on another domain is now where it belongs on the QAM website.
Narratives of various Aircraft Recoveries are listed.
Included in the Recoveries section is an in-depth report on the Sentosa Rescue Mission.
The Engine Collection is now listed.
There is now a new section on QAM Art.
The Photo Album now includes approximately 80 images.

In addition:
The Status Cards for some of the former RAAF and RAF aircraft have been added to the aircraft history pages.
Photo coverage of many of the aircraft has been expanded significantly.
An Aero Commander aerial survey diorama has been added to the Aerial Photography and Survey Mapping display in Hangar 1.
Added a page on the Winton Grasshopper ultralight.
For the past five years, QAM members Lyn and Gary Scott have been constructing a static replica of the CAC Mustang as a tribute to Gary's late father Alan Scott (1914 - 1953). The completed replica was dedicated at a recent ceremony at the Museum. The end result is a stunning representation of the Mustang
Added a full report on the recovery of the Museum's Fokker Friendship.
Added a new image of QAM's Mohawk 298 VH-HIX in its original configuration as a Nord 262 with Rousseau Aviation as F-BPNY.
QAM has been visited by Peter Lewis who flew Hunter XE614 in Aden in 1963-64. This aeroplane is now displayed in the QAM and Peter was visiting to renew acquaintances with his former charge.
The QAM's new library storage facility was officially named The Dunoon Building on 5 November by QAM Patron Allan Vial.
The fuselage of Fokker Friendship VH-WAN (VH-FNQ) has arrived at Caloundra.
QAM won two awards at the recent Caloundra Regional Business Awards.
The QAM website now has a Search page.
QAM member Mick Hinsbey has been presented with a Certificate of Appreciation to Australian Volunteers by the Hon Peter Slipper MP at a ceremony at the Museum.
QAM Remembers. For several years, QAM has maintained a Memorial Book in the Museum at Caloundra. This book honours QAM members who have passed away. This Memorial Book is now available for viewing online.
QAM has added Fokker Friendship VH-FNQ to the collection.
Added 2 new images to the page for Beech 18 VH-CLG.
Added 25 new images to the page for Dove VH-MAL.
Added an in-depth account of 1417 Flight in Aden in 1963/64. This account was written by Peter Lewis who was the Flight's first CO. His personal Hunter was XE614 which is now part of the QAM collection. You can also access the story via the page for Hunter 533. Thank you Peter.
QAM records its appreciation to Mr Greg Ackman for the loan of the Wackett - Cropmaster VH-AJH.
Auster J/5G VH-BYP is now fully restored and on display in Hangar 1.
QAM Research Papers will be added progressively as they become available. The section currently includes papers on the Canberra, Tracker Instructional Airframes and Cloud Seeding.
The restoration of Drover VH-FDS has commenced. Five new images of the aircraft's time in WA have been added courtesy of Geoff Goodall.
Sea Vixen XJ607 is in the news. Although QAM holds the nose section of this aircraft, the rest of the airframe was believed to have been scrapped, that was until the right tail boom from XJ607 was unearthed on a farm in England.
QAM records its appreciation to Dr Russell Broadbent who has donated his lovely Beagle 206 VH-UNL to QAM.
Tiger Moth VH-BKS has been reassembled at Caloundra.
Added a page on Sandringham F-OBIP - "The one that got away".
Added two images of Caribou A4-173 wearing replacement U.S. Army wings in Vietnam.
It is with much sadness that QAM records the passing of our founding President, Richard "Dick" Hitchins.
QAM has added to its collection a replica of the Wicko Cabin Sports which was the first aircraft designed and flown in Queensland.
QAM records its appreciation to Mr Greg Ackman for the loan of the Pawnee ZK-CEL.
QAM records its appreciation to Mr Greg Ackman for the loan of the Tiger Moth VH-BKS.
QAM records its appreciation to Mr Mark Pilkington for the donation of the cockpit section of CAC Ceres VH-CEU.
QAM records its appreciation to Mr Guy Cahill for the donation of Beechcraft Bonanza VH-AWC.
QAM is very pleased to be able to display Spitfire Mk Vc LZ844 which is on loan from Aviation Australia.
David Bourke has contributed an account of the crash of Auster VH-KBY at Cobar in December 1953. This aircraft is now part of the QAM collection as VH-BYP.
Added a photo of Hunter 533 in service with the RAF in Aden as XE614. This photo is remarkable because it is an air-to-air image taken with the on-board F95 camera of an accompanying Hunter FR Mk. 10. Special thanks to George Cole for this wonderful contribution.
It was known that QAM's Hunter 533 served as XE614 with No 1417 Flight RAF in Aden during the sixties. It was also known that the codes applied to 1417 Flight's Hunters were derived from the initials of the assigned pilot and that XE614 was coded GC, but we never knew who "GC" was - until now. Thanks to the power of the Internet, we now know that "GC" was Flight Lieutenant George Cole, for George has contacted us, having found "his" aeroplane on our website. As a result, the history of the aeroplane has been expanded considerably. Many thanks George!
Added a progress photo of the restoration of Robinson R22 VH-SBO. This is a project of the Youth Training Scheme.
Added a page on the opening of the Allan Vial - Path Finder Force Annexe and the Don Bennett Office.
Added a page acknowledging contributions to the Museum by David Bussey.
Added a page on QAM's Youth Training Scheme.
Whilst recently reading Don Cameron's book on the QAM collection, Bill Staff was astonished to find that the Ventura fuselage in which he played as a child is now undergoing restoration at QAM. Bill has supplied a fascinating social history of the aeroplane.
Added a report on the visit to QAM by a Sikorsky Seahawk of No 816 Sqn RAN for Open Cockpit Weekend 2006.
Added a photo of the recently restored Jindivik WRE-601.
Added a page for Auster J/5G VH-BYP.
Added a page for Chipmunk VH-RVV.
Added a photo of the nose of Viscount VH-TVJ under restoration.
Added a new photo of Drover VH-FDS.
Added a page on Anson VH-BIE.
Added a page on the International Model Aircraft TG Mk 2 towed glider target.
The identity WRE-601 has been adopted for the QAM Jindivik composite. Added a more recent photo.
The page on Caribou A4-173 has been expanded with details and photos of the Hai Yen recovery thanks to Ron Furze.
Nick Sayer has provided two photos of Hunter 533 during an Amberley deployment.
Keith Rattray in the U.K. has sent us a photo of Hunter XF311 on display at an open day at RNAS Condor at Arbroath, Scotland in the early sixties. The photo was taken by Keith's uncle, Chief Petty Officer Murray Lees. Thank you Keith.
Updated the list of parts available for trade.
Added details of the ground collision involving Beech SNB-2 BuAer 39194 (later VH-CLG).
Meteor WA880 has been moved into Hangar 2.
Vampire A79-828 has been moved from Hangar 1 to Hangar 2.
Meteor TT20 WD647 has been moved from Hangar 1 to Hangar 2.
Sea Venom WZ898 has been moved from Hangar 1 to Hangar 2.
Wessex N7-217 has been repainted and displayed in Hangar 2.
Hawker Hunter XF311 has been repainted and displayed in Hangar 2.
Hawker Hunter 533 has been partially reassembled at Caloundra.
Gannet XA331 has been moved inside Hangar 2 and repainted.
Lockheed Ventura A59-96 is up on her wheels again for the first time in nearly 60 years and the first Pratt & Whitney R-2800 is ready for fitment.
Added a page on Robinson R22 VH-SBQ.
Added a page on Lake Buccaneer VH-EJX which is on loan to QAM.
The Caloundra RSL Sub Branch recently donated a Mazda truck to QAM.
The recently erected Hangar 2 is now being extended thanks to a generous donation from Allan Vial. The Hangar 2 extension will be known as the Allan Vial - Path Finder Force Annexe. Click the arrow for more details and panoramic photos of the new building.
Added a recent photo of Sabre A94-935 displayed in Hangar 2.
Added a recent photo of Winjeel A85-410 displayed in Hangar 2.
Ventura A59-96 now has both wing centre sections attached and will soon be standing on its wheels again.
Added a recent image of Metroliner VH-BPV which has been repainted in Bush Pilots Airways colours under its original registration VH-BPV.
Added a page on Don Cameron's recently published book "Thirty Years on ... QAM Major Collections".
Added a list of parts required for the Robinson R22 helicopter currently under restoration.
Added a magnificent photo of ANA Captain Keith Virtue posing with DC-3 VH-ANR "Oana". The photo is courtesy of the Virtue Family Collection and the image was digitally restored by Graham Martin.
NOTE: This will take you to another website.
Added more detail of the conversion of Hiller UH-12E-4 ZK-HCQ to UH-12E-3 thanks to Garry Minnell, the engineer who performed the conversion.
Added a photo of QAM's Mohawk 298 VH-HIX as N29811 with Allegheny Commuter. Thanks to Bob Garrard.
Added two historic photos of QAM's Mohawk 298 VH-HIX:
In Allegheny Metro Express markings as N29811 thanks to Mick Bajcar.
In Ransome Airlines colours as N29811 thanks to Bob Garrard.
QAM has acquired a full-size model of a Spitfire Mk I.
Added a recent photo of Victa Airtourer VH-CFE with all markings added.
Added a recent photo of Sabre A94-935.
The external painting of QAM's DC-3 VH-ANR has been completed as shown in this recent photo.
Added a recent aerial view of the QAM site at Caloundra. Thanks to Nick Sayer for the photo. Also added a page which will enable the viewer to compare this 2004 view with a similar aspect taken sixteen years earlier in 1988. Note that QAM uses only the most exotic de Havilland camera ships!
Added a recent photo of Caribou A4-173 fitted with wings and tail group.
The website for QAM's DC-3 VH-ANR has been updated with several recent photographs together with details of modifications from the aircraft log books.
QAM also commemorated 100 years of controlled, powered flight with the acceptance into the collection of the newly restored Victa Airtourer VH-CFE. Full report with photos.
QAM celebrated 100 years of controlled, powered flight at the Museum in Caloundra on Wednesday 17th December. Full report with photos.
QAM's "Spares" list has been added to the site. Although the list is very short at present, it will be expanded as the inventory process progresses. These items are available for sale or trade.
QAM's "Wants" list has been added to the site. These are the components required to complete the restoration of aircraft in the QAM collection.
Rare colour photo of QAM's DC-3 discovered.
Ventura restoration progresses.
Boomerang visits QAM.
Scale model BE2e donated to QAM.
Metroliner arrives at Caloundra.
Barry Ingate was the Loadmaster on Caribou A4-173 when it crashed in Vietnam - BOTH times! Barry tells his story.
Vietnam history of Caribou A4-173 greatly expanded. Also added two new images of the aircraft.
New image of QAM Anson VH-BIF in New Guinea.
QAM honours long-serving members.
QAM acquires Metroliner from Airworld.
QAM acquires Turana target drone.
QAM participates in the Avalon International Air Show.
QAM wins Finalist Nomination in the Queensland Tourism Awards.